Elizabethville School are Quart Shoulder Crocks with Broad Street School $35.

Front Row: Short Gallon Canister Crock with the Henninger Farm Covered Bridge $35; 10 oz Crock with Elizabethville Bicentennial Logo $16; Half-gallon Belly Crock with Eisenhower Homestead $35.
Back Row: Quart Pitcher with Maple Grove Cemetery Gazebo $36; 72 oz Wine Decanter with Elizabethville Star of the Valley Logo $36; Tall Quart Canister with bale handle with Newton Hall $25.

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History of Elizabethville

Bicentennial Parade DVD

Bicentennial Program Book
(Printed Pre-Bicentennial)
$10 $5

2 DVD Set $20 + $5 if shipped
By Dane Schadel: Includes Memorial Day May 30, 2016 which is everything on the Single DVD PLUS the 2 DVD set includes Honor Roll Boards from Elizabethville and Loyalton, many pictures of veterans, Jack Richter interview, Paul Spicher story, unveiling of Brett Shadle’s name on the wall, and much more.

Single DVD $10 + $5 if shipped
By Dane Schadel: Memorial Day May 30, 2016, Program of Banner unveiling, speaker Mike Wertz and other dignitaries at Legion, UDA Band, Parade Scouts, Speakers at Maple Grove Cemetery, etc.

1967 Sesquicentennial plate
(Only 4 available!)

UDA Students Founders Day Program
(April 19, 2017)
Donations Accepted